Network Administration:

Our certify teams can help you to setup Windows workgroup or domain environment and secure the network access, as well as solving any networking issue.
We also offer the onsite service contract with 1 year terms at a discounted rate, this offer you a peace of mind to protect your office from downtime.


Server Planning & Installation:

Select a right servers or solutions to meet your business IT need is an important decision, our experienced IT professional can assist you to choose the appropriate servers and equipment to fit your current and future office requirement.
Our certify teams is able to install and setup the new server on-site or upgrade / migrate your current server to meet the update technology.


Data Center:

Need to hosting a remote server for co-location or backup purpose? We providing shared racks starting from 1U server or private racks for full 42U cabinet. Our 24x7 security monitored to prevent any forbidden access and climate control system will ensure that your infrastructure is functioning optimally.


Disaster Recovery:

No matter hardware malfuction or operating system crash to bring down your server, our disaster recovery plan can assist the minimum down time and prevent data loss. Solution including choosing the right server and their extended warranty plan, software backup program for operating system or data backup.


Repair & Upgrade:

Computers upgrade, hardware upgrade, software upgrade. A simple computuer upgrade can help increase the performance and the PC speed. Windows is not booting up? System in blue screen or running slow? Need Data transfer or back up? We can help !


Virus Removal:

Our software expert can clean up or removal virus or malware any of your office workstations or servers system. As well as provide solution for complete coveage before you got any virus, like Symantec Endpoint Protection licenses and installation for workstations and servers.


Firewall and Internet Security:

Need to setup your office or home office for internet sharing and firewall? We carrying wide range of products and services offer you a complete solution for sharing and firewall internet connection. Like Cisco enterprise class ASA series firewall appliances and Cisco 800 series router, WatchGuard Firebox, Sonicwall for small business or Linksys, Dlink and Netgear for SOHO. Our expert can assist you to setup the firewall equipment to protect your office from internet intrusion.


Remote Office VPN:

Remote user like employee work from home or employee in the client office need to access office server? Still transfer file to CD or USB key and confuse with multiply copy of the same file. Our remote office access solution can offer the flexbility of your employee to access the main server remotely anywhere with VPN security connection. They can access their shared files directly from their notebook or desktop or remote access their workstation remotely.